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Oncology Center

Most comprehensive cancer centre in the region 

In the first quarter of 2018, Kent Hospital will be openning the most comprehensive cancer center in the region. The new radiation oncology and nuclear medicine facilities will establish Kent Hospital as a complex cancer treatment centre offering integrative oncology services such as:  


• Chemotherapy infusion unit with 45 bed capacity, 

• Gamma Knife for radiosurgery, 

• Truebeam and Vitalbeam for Radiotherapy, 

• PET-CT and Spect-CT scans, 

• Radioactive Iodine Treatment unit, 

• Enhanced Radiology equipments (4D CT, MRI, etc.)   

Patient  Centered Care 

Kent Oncology Center is focused on patient needs. Patients are informed about all treatment options to help them make the appropriate choices.   

Always by your side Patient Navigator 

In Kent Oncology Center, patient navigators ensure that patients receive the care they need, understand their medical conditions and intructions to follow, and coordinate patients and their families with other issues within the hospital system. Setting appointments with the doctors, explaining care and treatment options, accompanying patients during their visits, communicating with medical team are some of the responsibilities patient navigator carries. 

A Multidisciplinary Approach 

Multidisciplinary teams are essential for individual assessment of each patient as we aim to improve the quality of life and increase survival rate of cancer patients. Multidisciplinary approach, advanced technical infrastructure and collaboration with experienced medical staff make us much stronger in fighting against cancer.  

Collaboration with world leading cancer treatment center Houston Methodist Hospital 

Kent Hospital will be serving cancer patients in collaboration with world leading cancer treatment center Houston Methodist Hospital. The collaboration will lead the way in serving cancer patients at Kent Hospital with the support from a multidisciplinary team from Houston Methodist’s oncology services, including second opinions and direct coordination of patient care.  Kent Health Group’s state-of-art facility, with its advanced cancer-targeting treatment protocols, will provide the patients with truly world-class health care.

Working Hours

(Monday - Saturday)

08:30 - 18:00

Emergency Service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Address Information

8229/1 Sokak No: 56 35630

Appointment and More Information
+90 850 222 53 68
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