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Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Various deformities or tissue-organ function impairment losses may occur in a body in a body following diseases, accidents and different surgeries and with congenital reasons. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a surgical branch aiming to remedy formation and function disorders of congenital or post acquired anomalies and rectifying bodily image. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a surgery of repair and rebuilding.

Frequently performed operations and interventions within the scope of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: 

 • Facial deformities (asymmetry, congenital masses)
 • Cleft lip and palate (harelip)
 • Maxillofacial surgery 
 • Bone and soft tissue trauma of a face
 • Skull deformities
 • Orthognathic surgery (jaw closing disorder)
 • Ear Deformities (pinna, etc.) and other congenital anomalies
 • Nasal Defects
 • Congenital tumours, nevi (moles), masses, vascular malformations, hemangiomas
 • Absence of breast, asymmetry or breast tissue, post cancer breast reconstruction
 • Chest and abdominal wall defects
 • Hand and foot deformities and deficiencies
 • Finger transfers, finger repairs
 • Deformities following burn
 • Chronic wounds (pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, such as diabetic foot ulcers)
 • Gynecomastia (large breasts in men)
 • Congenital abnormalities of genital organs, repair of genitals or replantation of broken organs