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Face Lift

When people get older; effects of gravity, adverse results of being exposed to the sun and daily life stresses may be witnessed on their faces. Deep curves emerge in nose and mouth edges. Jowl may emerge by stretching of submaxillary tissues. Folds and fat deposits may be seen in the vicinity of neck.

Face lift operation does not stop ageing process. It only puts the clock back. It makes ageing indicators in the most visible state by way of removing excess fat, compressing subcutaneous muscles and lifting face and neck skins. Face lift operation can be both performed alone and can be performed in connection with forehead lift, eyelid surgery or nose correction.

The best candidates for face lift surgery are males and females with strong and distinctive bone structures and flexible skins to some extent whose face and neck start to sag. Patients usually happen between ages of forty and sixty. However, a face lift operation can be applied with success also to those in their seventies or eighties.

Face lift surgery provides you with looking younger and fresh and improves your self-confidence. Yet, it cannot provide you with a full new look and with attaining your youth health and energy. Prior to deciding on your surgery, you should carefully think contemplate your expectations and you should talk about the details with your doctor.

If face lift surgeries are performed by qualified plastic surgeons, complications are rarely encountered. These are generally negligible. But, anatomies of persons, physical
reactions and healing speed capacities are very variable. It may not be possible to predict the result with certainty.

Overview of Surgery

Duration of surgery:
 2-4 hours

Anesthesia conditions:
 General Anesthesia, local anesthesia under sedation for local interventions

Hospital stay: 
1-2 days (in forehead lift: 0-1 day)

Possible discomforts:
 Temporary swelling and bruising, tenderness of the skin, numbness, temporary feeling of tension. Dryness on the skin.

 Damage on facial nerves, asymmetry on forehead

Recovery period

Back to work: 
14-20 days

Heavy exercise: 
2nd Weeks

Recovery of purpleness 2-3 weeks

Protection from sun 4-6 Months