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Forehead Lift - Eyebrow Lift

Forehead operation is an aesthetic intervention aiming to restore a younger and fresh facial expression by clearing up ageing symptoms on forehead area. Forehead and eyebrow operations are generally performed together with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as eyelid aesthetic, face and neck lifting.  

With conventional method in forehead lifting operation, entire forehead is lifted with an incision made in the form of crown from 4-5 cm behind forehead hair line. Muscles leading to lines between forehead and eyebrow are loosened and lower state of eyebrows is corrected. Excess skin following lifting is removed and incision line within hairy skin is closed. In endoscopic forehead lift operation, it is accessed from small incisions made slightly behind hair line with an endoscope and operations of eyebrow lifting, loosening eyebrows between forehead and eyebrows can be performed. Advantage of this method when compared with conventional method is that fewer incisions are made and recovery period is very fast.

Alternative treatment method for the persons complaining about only lower state of eyebrow is to hang eyebrow upward with hanging stitches placed inside. This method is recommended for younger people complaining about especially lower state of especially outer areas of eyebrows. .

Overview of Surgery

Duration of surgery: 
1-2 hours (lasts longer when performed together with face lift)

Anesthesia conditions: 
General Anesthesia, local anesthesia under sedation for only eyebrow related interventions.

Hospital stay:
 0-1 days

Possible discomforts: 
Temporary swelling and bruising, tenderness of the skin, numbness, temporary feeling of tension. Dryness on the skin.

Possible Risks:
 Damage on facial nerves, asymmetry on forehead

Recovery period:

Back to work: 7-10 days (3-5 days only eyebrow lift)

Heavy exercise: 2nd Weeks

Recovery of purpleness 1-2 weeks

Protection from sun 4-6 Months