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Nose Aesthetics

Nose correction and shaping is among the most frequently applied aesthetic interventions. This is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose or the correcting existing anomaly. 

With the help of aesthetic nose surgeries, deformities of nose can be fixed, its sizes can be changed, nostrils can be narrowed or angle between nose and upper lip can be changed and bone projections at the back of nose can be taken and fixed. During the same surgery, deviations on middle section of nose occurred as a result of developmental or impact emergence can be fixed.

This operation is suitable for all women and men having completed their puberty. Since nose development is generally completed around 18 years-of-age, surgery is not recommended before these ages. However, surgery can be performed at earlier ages when deformity and function disorder discomforting in high levels are in question. 

Overview of Surgery

Surgical Intervention Performed: This is a surgical intervention in which nose is reshaped by way of reduction or augmentation. Removing hook of nose, narrowing nostrils and lifting, refining and reshaping nose In the meantime, correcting existing septum deviations.

Duration of surgery: 1-3 hours

Anesthesia conditions: General anesthesia

Hospital stay: 0-1 day

Possible discomforts: Swelling around eye contour area, purpleness, temporary headache, small leakage for the first 1 day.

Risks: Irregularities that may require revision

Recovery period:

There is a nasal packing for a period of 24 hours after surgery; nasal plaster is used for a period of the first 5-7 days and nasal bandage is used in the following week.

Back to work: 1st-2nd Weeks

Heavy exercise: 3-4 weeks

Not wearing glasses- protection from impact: 6-8 weeks

Full disappearance of swelling: 3-6 Months

Taking its unchangeable final form of nose 6 months- 1 Year