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Ear Aesthetics

The most common aesthetic problem for ear is "prominent ear" deformity. This deformity that can be summarized as protrusion of ear auricle when compared with normal state can be seen in several people with its mild form. Sometimes it may reach remarkable sizes and it may disturb a person from early childhood ages. However, it is possible to correct the ear with a simple and safe surgical intervention. When "aesthetic ear surgery" is called, it is generally understood as correction of prominent ear and a wide range of deformities pertaining to ear is also present. These can be sometimes congenital or structural and sometimes occur due to an accident. Each ear deformity bears its own individual characteristics and can be operated by selecting the surgical method suitable for a person. Surgery usually yields permanent results. However, ear cartilage tissue tends to return to its original position by acting as memory tissue. For avoiding this, placing permanent sutures may be required inside ear. For this reason, problems relating to relapse and sutures may arise.

Overview of Surgery

Applied Surgical Intervention: Laying down ear auricle cartilage backwards by accessing from the back part of ear and removing excess skin at the back of ear.

Duration of surgery: 1-2 hours

Anesthesia conditions:
 Small children under general anesthesia, the young and adult patients with procedural sedation for local anesthesia

Hospital stay: 0-1 day

Possible discomforts: 
Swelling in ear auricle, purpleness, wandering with dressing for a few days

Possible Risks:
 Irregularities that may require revision, asymmetry.

Recovery period:
 In-ear bandage is used following surgery. Bandages are opened after 4-5 days. Then, tennis band is used up to 2 weeks.

Back to work: 
5-7 days

Heavy exercise: 
3-4 weeks

6-8 weeks for protection from impacts

Full disappearance of swelling: 
1 month

Taking its unchangeable final form of ear 3 - 6 months