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Scar Correction Surgery

Each injury or surgery definitely leaves a scar. Principle in aesthetic and plastic surgery is to conceal surgery scars and to make incision over body areas that will leave the best scar. However, the scar occurred in surgery cannot be predicted in advance and there is always the chance of encountering bad surprises. Type of injury, depth of injury, properties of body areas where injury is present and skin structure of a person are influential on formation of a scar. 

Scar correction surgery aims to remove discomforting wound scars and formed on face or body by using one or multi-stage surgery and medical treatments. The most commonly applied method for this end is to fully remove scar tissue and to acquire thinner and finer scar. Afterwards, laser or dermabrasion can be applied to this remaining thin scar. It may be possible to fully remove the scar in this way but realistic expectation is that 50-80 % better look should be performed. While closing after removing scar, the techniques in which scar is closed in zigzag shaped rather than not closing in straight line called as "Z-Plasty" or "W Plasty" may be sometimes used.

Scar correction procedure should not be considered a surgery with a short period and period of scar closure. Local drugs administrations should also be performed for rehabilitation and protection from sun and other external influences during wound maturation period to achieve a better result.  

Sometimes scars can be large and fluffy in exaggerated level. This case can be seen in person with predisposition and some areas of body. These are available in different forms called "Hypertrophic Scars" and "Cheloid". These are special cases requiring sometimes really difficult and challenging and not obtaining a better result. You should familiarize yourself with necessary details about treatment options.