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Dermocosmetic Procedures

Beauty of the skin matters. Years leave their traces mostly on the skin ageing causes a functional disorder together with structural and molecular deterioration on the skin.  This deterioration results with clinic changes containing   wrinkles, discoloration and laxity.   There are several factors causing ageing of the skin. Damages caused by sun, pollution, stress, eating disorders and free radicals leads to degradation of skin collagen and elastin. Over time, quality of the skin deteriorates and wrinkles occurs; more collapsed image developed with volume loss on supraorbital and cheek area. Since we are genetically programmed to ageing in a particular rate, care we shown helps delay ageing.

Now it is possible to defy the year with the treatments gaining volume and youth on the skin. Neurotoxin injection and plumping ingredients has an effective function in eliminating symptoms of ageing symptoms.  These are offered as most sought after anti-ageing treatment in our time thanks to quick effect and rapid recovery.     However, treatment applied in this process may result undesirable results. These are the procedures required to be applied accurately by specialist physicians. 

Dermocosmetic and aesthetic applications are carried out by experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists in Kent Hospital Dermatology Clinic.  

Laser Lipolysis Method 

Laser lipolysis method is a non-surgical method developed for eliminating localized fats in each area of the body for shaping the body. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. This method applied with safe and FDA approved laser devices reduces volume of fat and provides firming on the skin. It is very effective in fat accumulation of small areas such as gill, ankle and knee where liposuction procedure cannot be applied. Business and social life of a person are not affected after rapid recovery and operation. 

Laser Epilation Method 

Laser epilation is a method of permanently eliminating unwanted hair growth on the body. It may be applied with different devices and techniques. This method is preferred commonly for the purpose of boosting life comfort and quality of especially busy people in our time and it is applied with medical reasons. It may be applied to both men and women regardless gender. That this method is applied for young girls menstruating for last 1 year and at the age of 14 has prompted mothers to prefer this for their girls.  Laser epilation method provides permanent or long term epilation. It is safe for all body areas It provides a comfortable life and hygiene environment. IT is rapid and effective method. It has no allergic side effect and it does not irritate the skin and it does not leave any permanent scar. It is not carcinogenic. It is the most effective method for submerged hair and dermoid cyst. 

Varicose Vein Treatment With Laser

Varicose vein treatment laser is to eliminate the veins causing distinctive and unpleasant appearance. It provides painless application in one session with local anesthesia. 

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) 

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) is the only application that shows the effect on the two main causes of cellulite. While it provides permanent cure of cellulite by affecting skin, fat and muscle tissue and it causes local slimming and recovery effect. 

Platelet Rich Plasma(Prp) Method

Starting a new era in skin rejuvenation and spot treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) method is applied with the patient's own blood. After the blood taken from the patient is subject to centrifuge device, particular portion of the blood with intensive platelet is injected to the skin or hairy skin of the patient. Various growth factors and cytokines secretion is increased with injection of platelet-rich plasma. In this way, skin rejuvenation and stain elimination are provided.  When applied to hairy skin, it is intended to stop hair loss with stimulation of hair follicles.   

Chemical Peeling 

Chemical peeling is controlled peeling and controlled damage creation method on the skin applied with particular drugs on only winter season. A variety of acidic and basic chemical agents are applied to the skin. Purpose here is to create damage up to desired depth on skin layers and to provide treatment of various lesions by making us of advantages of wound healing during regeneration. Younger appearance is crated on the skin together with occurrence of new dermal connective tissue and epidermal repair starting from skin additions with migration while wound is healed. It can both be applied for skin care and it has high importance in treatment of especially acne scars and spot treatment. When combined with especially mesotherapy and dermatherapy, its success rate is fairly high. 


Dermatherapy is a treatment method applied with an assistance of a cylindrical device rotating around itself where several pins are present over the “roller”. Purpose here is again to provide recovery by creating controlled damage on the skin. This is especially used for the purpose of correcting the scars developed following medical treatment of acne in young population. 

Establishing Water Balance On The Skin 

Hyaluronic acid to be applied on the skin having lost moisture and viability in the winter will help skin restore its moisture and enable us to have smooth and shiny appearance. Hyaluronic acid normally provides establishing water balance on the skin by enhancing retention degree of water between elastin tissue and collagen within the skin.  Natural hyaluronic acid in the body are replenished constantly. hyaluronic acid generation gradually slows down together with ageing of the skin; in this way, the skin loses its moisture and volume; ageing symptoms occurs by becoming moisture free, dry, lifeless and dull state. Together with replacement of hyaluronic acid, the skin restores its old moisture and glow and provides elimination of sagging occurred with gravity and restoration of skin volume. Application in rights hands and in right way and regular follow-ups may delay ageing symptoms.

Wrinkles On The Skin 

Horizontal lines occurred below when brows are lifted, vertical line occurred between two brows when you frown or wrinkles occurred on eye contour area when you laugh and known as goose foot can be removed with the help of "botulinum toxin". .  Botox   is Botulinum Toxin A obtained with natural ways from essence of processed C. Botulinum microbe refined for medical use.  This is used for removing hand, foot, armpit perspiration and especially wrinkles on the face. It can be easily applied.

Botox becomes effective by freezing specific muscles. Its effects start to be seen within 1-14 days. Repetition of the application following 6 months may be required.

Botox procedure should be applied by experienced and specialist doctor at all times. 


This is used in cases such as cellulite, rejuvenation and hair loss. Used in the treatment of localized losing weight and cellulite, mesotherapy is an action of administration with very thin mesodermic needles under the skin in mixtures of specific vitamins together with technically circulation regulatory, fat melting and fat carrier drugs. Fat deposits are dissolved with regulation of blood flow and lymphatic circulation on cellulite area and fat cells begin to burn fat and hardened connective tissue is recovered.

Hair Mesoptherapy 

Hair mesotherapy is a method in which various vitamin and minerals are prepared in mixtures in particular rates stimulating growth of hairs and this mixture is injected on the skin.  It is applied on wholly hairy skin with 1 cm distance with the help of very thin needles. This procedure may be required once 2-3 weeks based on the requirement of a person and in 8-10 sessions. Generally after 3rd session, it is aimed to stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth from follicles. 

Prp Method In Hair 

In PRP method, patient's own plasma is separated and is injected into hairy skin of the patient. Platelets are blood components incorporating in its structure growth factors providing repair of damaged tissues in our body. Application style and results are similar with hair mesotherapy and this is preferred in the patients to whom mesotherapy has not been applied. Especially breastfeeding postpartum period is a period in which hair loss is very dense. In this period, PRP method can be applied easily to the breastfeeding mothers. Application of hair mesotherapy or PRP application to especially men prior to hair transplantation is known to increase success rate in hair transplantation.