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Acne Treatment

Acne (Pimples)

Generally known as "adolescent acne", acne is seen in young population in puberty. Acne is a chronic skin disease related with sebaceous glands on the face, shoulders and chest. Since acne formation coincides with the most sensitive periods of young population, it causes disturbances in terms of psychological aspects. Acne occurs as a result of clogging of sebaceous glands. End of plug causing clogging becomes hard and dark and these dark spots are called "comedone" in medical literature.


Formation of hard and dark spots on the face, shoulders, back and chest areas. These formations are generally seen on the face.  There are several acne bacilli in comedone with oily plug. As a result of squeezing these comedones with dark spot top, other bacilli join acne bacilli and an inflammatory formation appears on the place where acne is present.


Hair and face should be frequently washed off with medicated soap. Clearing of acne in borax water yields good results. Reducing sugary goods in diet as much as possible is very suitable. Acne in the age of puberty is usually self-limiting. Therefore, the area where acnes are present should be kept clean and this will be sufficient treatment method. In persistent cases, a medical treatment should be provided.

Facial and Skin Black Spots

Black spots are the first of adolescent acne. A treatment where exfoliating creams are used is applied intended for black spots in the persons having numerous black spots. However, drugs should be determined by a dermatologist at all times based on the factors such as age and number of black spots.