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Being Protected From Sunlight

Solar rays have adverse effects on the skin health. It is now known that ultraviolet  B (UVB) rays pose risk factor especially for skin cancer.  UVA rays are even lower strength and it has been realized that they have the same harmful effects.

The effects of solar lights over the skin can be seen after long years. When being exposed to solar light for long years, damage, thinning and spots occur on the skin. And these cause formation of skin cancer in the following years. Sudden sunburns in intermittent and high doses are especially more effective in childhood ages. It accelerates spot and mole formation and after a while, some of the moles may cause cancer. In addition to this, high dose solar light may alleviate immune system of the body. It may cause earlier ageing of the skin. 

Getting to know and practicing the methods of being protected from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays will provide protective effect.  The earlier the protection is started and the more effective it will be.  First of all, wide-brimmed hat, ultraviolet-protective glasses, and tightly woven clothes should be used. Sun should be avoided in the hours (10:00 a.m.- 04:00 p.m.) where sun rays reach the earth vertically. If it is imperative to go out in sunny weather, the products with protective feature against ultraviolet A and

B rays for the areas exposed to sun should be applied 20 minutes before going out and this should be repeated in 2 hours. It is recommended that the children under six months should not be left under the sun.  Burns likely to cause redness, inflammation, blister and peeling should be avoided.  Protection from sun for your face and hands should be performed not only on holiday and on the beach but also on your daily life.