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Menopause Panels

Menopause is not a disease it means a natural period in the lives of women. Every woman experiences the menopause differently. Menopause may occur between the ages of 40 and 58. While passing from fertility years to menopause, woman experiences many physical changes. Most of these changes are the usual changes for the menopause and age. During this period, personal risk assessments and actions to be taken in the event of possible problems should be known.  There are menopause panels at Kent Hospital comprising of controls of onset of menopause and menopause period. These panels are the programs incorporating an integrated approach to woman health such as smear, biochemical analysis, mammography, bone screening, tumor indicator screening and general surgery, cardiology, physical therapy, psychiatry and eye diseases examination. As a result of this, it is aimed to carry out personal risk assessments of the menopause-period women and take the actions earlier if necessary and protect the health of women.