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Noise And Effects

Sensitivity to noise may differ by the person. Excessive noisy environment and high noises ting the ear may damage hearing. The damage as a result of noise is called as “hearing loss related to hearing nerve”. It is known that exposing to noise higher than 85 dB is harmful. 

Hearing loss at high frequencies may result in sound disorder. Sound is heard but not understood. The longer we expose to loud noise the more the damage will be.

Moreover, the closer the person is to the source of noise, the more the damage is. Music listened loudly and use of earphone can trigger loss of hearing. 

Tinnitus, condition of nervousness, attention deficit, heart rate, blood pressure and stomach acid increase as a result of exposing to noise for a long time are the most frequent effects. 

Protective equipment should be used in noisy environment. Hearing loss due to noise is permanent and if hearing loss is suspected, an ENT specialist should be consulted.