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Nose Health And Care

The nose is the beginning of respiratory system. Function of nose is to clean and oxygen air to the lungs. While breathing, dust in air and other particles stick to nose choncha. Dust combining with myxoid secretion becomes solid in the nose and nose dirt occurs. 

Nose care is necessary for nose health. Nose should be kept clean. Warm water is used for care. Water drawing to the nose should be blown slightly and ejected. Severe blowing may lead to nose bleeding. If there is a foreign object in the nose, nose flaps shouldn’t be squeezed with finger. Moreover, the nose shouldn’t be picked. Trying to eject the object by blowing is dangerous. Foreign matter in the nose is taken by nasal pliers. If mucosa of nose swells, medication will be necessary. Hair in the nose should not be pulled off. We should avoid strong and burning odor. In case of nose bleeding, nose bone should be tightened or ice should be applied to the nose.