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Pahryx Diseases

Swallowing Difficulty (Dysphagia) 

Swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) generally occurs in old people. Difficulty is experienced after food and fluid is orally taken and passes to the stomach. Swallowing difficulty may be the indicator of more significant pathology like progressive neurological disease or tumor rarely. If swallowing difficulty does not get better soon, a physician should be consulted. 


Snoring is a frequently seen case in adults above middle age. Reason of snorring is more vibration of loose throat tissues while air is passing and during respiration. When in deep sleep, soft palate muscles in oral cavity, tongue and throat muscle get loose. If loosening of these tissues are excessive, vibration may start and temporary snoring may occur even respiratory tract may be blocked. The narrower the areas are where the air passes, the stronger the air flow is. In this case, vibrations and intensity of snoring will increase. 

Thick and ptotic soft palate, long uvula, enlarged tonsil, big tongue base and adenoid may  narrow the air way. Moreover, overweight, fat tissue around throat may result in narrowing areas where the air passes. Alcohol consumption before sleeping looses throat muscle more and intensifies snoring. Problems narrowing the areas where the air passes in the nose such as sinusitis, nose deviation are among the most frequent reasons of snoring. Snoring in children arises from enlarged adenoid and tonsil. If the child has snoring, excessive sweating during sleeping, uneasy sleeping, he should be examined.

Sleep Apnea

Respiration stops (sleep apnea) are observed in some people with snoring. This significant condition arises from the fact that loose tissues in the throat close the airway while sleeping and prevent breathing. Apnea is the stop of snoring and respiration for more than 10 seconds. Hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmia, cardiac failure, myocardium infraction, cerebral hemorrhage, diabetes, obesity, pathologies like state of sleep are seen higher than normal people. Risk of traffic accident of these persons compared to these persons is 7 times more. The risk of death increases to 25% for the ones apnea index of whom is above 30 and may result in sudden death.