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Capsule Endoscopy

The most important innovations on endoscopy area in recent year is capsule endoscopy. Purpose in this procedure is to examine small intestines. Unlike standard endoscopy, instead of using fiber optical cables, this procedure is performed in a manner that capsule containing a camera inside of it is swallowed and this capsule records image throughout digestive system.
There are three types of capsules for today:

PillCam ESO 2: 
esophagus capsule

PillCam SB 2:
 small intestine capsule

PillCam Colon:
 large intestine capsule

Record is taken for approximately 8 hours after swallowing the capsule; capsule abandons the body after 10 hours. Sensors stuck to the stomach for recording are used. These sensors are removed once the procedure is completed. Another important difference of the procedure from standard endoscopy operation is that it does not require any sedation and the patient sustain its normal daily activities while carrying the recording device with himself/herself.

Thanks to this system, the diseases inflammatory diseases holding small intestine (Crohn's disease), digestive bleeding whose reasons are clarified and small intestine tumours can be diagnosed.