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Capsule Colonoscopy

"Capsule colonoscopy" is one of the new methods developed as well the state-of-the-art colonoscopy in investigating polyps in large intestine, cancer or other abnormal formations. Through this method, a camera capsule in size of vitamin pill is swallowed by the patient and the image detected by this capsule is recorded on the device attached to the patient's belt. This record is then monitored in computer. Capsule stays for approximately 12 hours in the body and then excreted. Within this period, the patient does not have to stay in hospital; he/she can be at home or work. This method is ideal for patients not sedated, having respiratory distress and not comfortable with standard colonoscopy.

Prior to capsule colonoscopy procedure, a thorough intestine cleaning is performed with diet and drugs. Then, on the day of the procedure, the patients come to the hospital and swallow a capsule in size of a large vitamin pill. A receiving device in size of a large mobile phone is fitted to the waist of the patient with belt. The patient in the meantime goes home and has a rest. The patient may swallow a few pills and have his/her meal. In the evening, the patients come to the hospital and deliver the receiver.

Gastroenterology specialist physicians make assessment by examining the images recorded on the receiver.