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Ercp Method

Gallbladder is opened to common bile duct together with bile from the liver(bile duct). This duct is poured to the intestine from a small mouth called "papillae" by being merged with pancreatic duct. In our time, treatment of stones formed in gall bladder is performed with closed bladder operation (laparoscopic). However, these stones sometimes drop into common bile duct from bladder. It leads to clogging on this duct and jaundice appears in the patient and pain starts and fever rises. This table is a serious life-threatening case. In such patients, the duct should be cleaned with ERCP method. 

ERCP is a procedure of cleaning bile and pancreatic ducts with endoscopic method. In ERCP procedure, stomach is examined via mouth as in upper digestive tract endoscopy and then small intestine is subject to examination and bile and pancreatic ducts are reached.

X-rays of both ducts are taken and reason of the disease is diagnosed. (stone, tumour etc.) After detecting stone leading to clogging, stone is removed with the tools called "balloon" or "basket" means. During the same procedure, the interventions in regard to the treatment such as stent placement can be applied.