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Helicobacter Pylori

Microorganism called "Helicobacter Pylori" and known among the people as ulcer microbe-gastritis microbe or stomach bacteria is an important factor threatening stomach health.  Discovered at the early 1980s, this bacterium has led to a revolution in stomach diseases. After finding that this bacterium is the cause of gastritis and ulcer, mode of treatment has fully changed and ulcer operations have vanished.

Frequency rates of this bacterium among the people inversely proportional with development level of the countries. While frequency of the incidence of this bacterium is 5-10 % in European countries and it is around 50 % in our country and this exceeds 90 % in African countries. It is accepted that stomach ulcer of this microorganism leads to  gastritis, stomach lymphoma or stomach cancer. Yet, that stomach disease is not present in the persons having this bacterium in their stomachs make us believe that the only factor deteriorating stomach health is no this bacterium. Thus, is presence of this bacterium is determined in the persons with a detected disease in their stomachs, then applying a treatment for this bacterium is an accepted approach. Administering treatment to the persons not having a stomach disease and where this bacterium is randomly detected is not an accurate method considering our current knowledge.