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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)  : Known as "irritable colon syndrome " or "spastic colitis", this problem is a functional disorder seen in large intestines. In this syndrome, large intestines in the patients are normal as image but there may exist abnormal movements and contractions. These movements are perceived as pain by the brain.

Very common in the society, this problem generally starts in young or middle ages and its severity continues for a life time sometimes being lessened and sometimes being aggravated. It does not lead to any complication and does not turn into another disease but it affects life quality of a person.
Primary symptoms of the syndrome are stomachache, bloating and stool change. Stomachache generally appears on entire stomach. It may be mobile and partially relieved by defecation. Bloating is the most common complaint of the patients. This especially increases after meal and sometimes it is felt in stomach bloating that will sometimes force clothing sizes. Defecation changes are mostly in the form of constipation; it may sometimes in frequent and runny stool style. The patients need to go to the bathroom again with not full release following the toilet. Frequently defecation feeling occurs and it causes going to the bathroom urgently. These complaints increase in stressful period and complaints generally reduce in the periods such as summer season and holidays.

The most important phase in the treatment is for patient to recognize and understand his/her problem. It must not be forgotten that this is a functional bowel disorder, treatment should not be expected as an absolute recovery, the problem can continue for a life time.. It is recommended that the patients should be under a physician follow-up because other problems that may encounter with this disease are diagnosed by the physician and drug treatments relating to this disease are administered. Purpose in drug treatment is to relieve and loose the bowel and to improve quality of life by correcting constipation. Dietary legumes such as flatulent foods, consuming excessive meat and hot foods are to be avoided. In addition, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee and chocolate are among the prohibitions.