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Mini Ivf Method

Mini IVF is a method applied since it increases the possibility of pregnancy in cases that egg reserve is very low and yielding successful results. Mini IVF was developed in Japan and is a widely practices in-vitro fertilization treatment. It can be applied to every patient with regular menstruation and also gives a new hope for couples egg reserve of who has reduced and try of in-vitro is unsuccessful. 

By this method, high quality embryos are obtained clearly in the cases with regular menstruation and not having the chance of in-vitro fertilization since FSH hormone is high or in cases that embryo could not be obtained in spite of a number of tries. It increases the possibility of pregnancy for the patients with low hope. 

Another approach to such cases is freezing and collecting embryos obtained by mini IVF tries successively. It prevents time loss for the very low reserve patients racing against the time. Laboratory conditions and embryo program should be very good to administer this treatment effectively. 

Another advantage of mini IVF method is that it is absolutely cost-efficient.