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Kidney Transplantation

Chronic renal failure is the permanent loss of kidney functions and ends with final stage kidney failure. Unfortunately this case used to terminate with the loss of life of the patient in the times before dialysis and kidney transplantation practice.

The best method of treatment for the patient having dialysis or at the stage of dialysis is the kidney transplantation. The aim of kidney transplantation is to increase life quality of the patient with a kidney functioning and enable the person to maintain normal life as the kidney transplanted fulfills its duties in the body with the adaptation of the kidney to the person.  

Kidney transplantation is a surgical operation. Healthy single kidney removed from the recipient by a surgical operation is transplanted to the person with final stage renal failure. The new kidney transplanted is placed above the inguinal region. The requirement of dialysis is eliminated after transplantation and the person getting rid of physical and psychological difficulties of dialysis procedure feels himself freer and more energetic and nutritional restrictions reduces and the chance of short and long term survival of the patient of kidney transplantation is longer than the patients having dialysis treatment.