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Kent Hospital Kidney Transplantation Center

Kent Hospital kidney transplantation center provides services with kidney transplantation team receiving kidney transplantation training at Hacettepe University realizing the first kidney transplant in Turkey and specialty at leading kidney transplantation center of the USA. 

Kidney transplantation from living or cadaver donor or cross transplantation for chronic renal failure patients are performed at Kent Hospital kidney transplantation center without any fee owing to SSI coverage. The aim of Kent Hospital kidney transplantation center is to exclude kidney patients from the kidney waiting list and life subject to hemodialysis and enable them to live a healthy and reproductive life again. 

How is the kidney transplantation procedure initiated at Kent Hospital?

If you are a dialysis patient or to go into dialysis soon, you should apply to Kent Hospital kidney transplantation center. Kidney transplantation coordinator, nephrologist and transplantation surgeons will meet you and inform you about kidney transplantation and assess whether you are eligible for transplantation or not. The kidney to be transplanted will be obtained from volunteer and appropriate person, legally permitted relatives or person with brain death. If you are eligible for transplantation, all living donor candidate relatives will be evaluated and if you have a relative with a compatible kidney for you and he/she is volunteer to donate the kidney and the evaluation is good, kidney transplantation can be performed soon. If the kidney can’t be found among the legally permitted relatives, kidney transplantation team will include you in the national waiting list for the kidney from a cadaver. Some tests will be carried out by the kidney transplantation center to show your compatibility condition and by means of these tests (Especially determining blood group and type of tissue), you will be contacted as soon as possible when a proper cadaver is found and transplantation will be realized within hours.

The close follow-up of the patient, controls and treatment after the kidney transplantation operation are as significant as the surgical procedure. For this reason, the person is followed closely at the service after the transplantation.