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Renal Failure

Renal failure is the non-fulfilment of functions of kidney and deterioration of all of fuctions permanently and progressively. It is not a reversible case. Uremia expresses clinical and biochemical abnormalities due to chronic renal failure. Losing the function of kidney leads to a number of health problems. There is almost no organ or system not affected by chronic renal failure.  

Common reasons

The most frequent reason of chronic renal failure in our country is the diabetic nephropathy a complication of diabetes. Moreover, hypertension, nephrite, kidney diseases known as glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease characterized with more than one cyst in kidney, interstitial nephrite disease, kidney calculi, structural disorder of urinary tracts, infections and hereditary diseases of kidney may result in chronic renal failure.


Diagnosis of renal failure is established coincidentally or for other reasons when they visit the doctor since there are no clear symptoms most of the time. The primary ones include body swelling, high blood pressure, decrease or increase of urine quantity, frequent urination at nights, frequent urination, painful urination, blood in urine and color change, lumbar, side and inguinal pain, lumbar and inguinal pain, itching in the skin and yellow color.  


The diagnosis is established by blood tests of renal functions, blood pressure measurement, total urinalysis, blood biochemistry, kidney biopsy, immunological tests, scintigraphic and radiological methods. If necessary actions are taken with early diagnosis and treatments, progression of renal failure can be slowed down.   


If chronic renal failure is not followed and treated, end-stage renal failure will be inevitable. 3 options are applicable for treatment of renal failure patient: hemodialysis, peritoneum dialysis or kidney transplant. Specialist physicians will determine the most correct treatment by the condition of the patient. The best treatment administered for renal failure patient widespread and for the end-stage renal failure is the kidney transplant. Kidney transplant is a step taken to a healthy life for patients continuing their lives with dialysis due to chronic renal failure.