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Brain Tumor and Myeloma
Brain tumors showing itself with symptoms such as headache, stroke, vomiting, nausea, visual disorder constitute 10% of all frequent cancers. Surgeries of brain tumors are carried out successfully at our hospital.

Conscious brain operation is a safe way to excise brain tumors. In this method while risk of paralysis and loss of speaking risk of the patient is minimized, tumor can be excised totally.

Cerebral Aneursym

Ballooning in brain veins for many reasons is called as “cerebral aneursym”. This aneurism will result in thinning and weakening of vascular wall. The most frightening situation for aneurism is the cerebral hemorrhage if it bursts. For this reason, treatment is of vital significance for person having aneurism. Medical, surgical and endovascular treatment are applied by the condition of the patient in cerebral aneursym.   

Cerebral Hemorrhage

The intervention within the first 12 hours in case of cerebral hemorrhage that can occur in every age is of vital significance. Neurology, anesthesia, radiology and neurosurgery specialists respond to the patient in a multi-disciplinary way in cerebral hemorrhage and operations are performed at our clinic successfully.

Head Trauma

Head trauma may occur as the head is injured by accident, impact or hit. Head trauma may lead to permanent damages as a result of severe injuries of brain tissue. For this reason, correct and timely response can be life saving. Emergency medicine specialists working at emergency service provide services for 24 hours in urgent cases and neurosurgery specialist is consulted for consultation if necessary.  

Spine and Spinal Cord Traumas

Damages in spine and spinal cord due to trauma are of vital significance. Symptoms such as severe pain, sensitivity, pins and needles in hands or legs, numbness or loss of power in spine traumas may be the indicator of a spinal cord damage. The greatest risk in spine injuries is the damage of spinal cord in spine or bone or nerves. In such a case, paralysis may occur. In some cases, although there is no damage in spinal cord and nerves following a trauma, spine disorders such as dislocation and curvature, cervical disc hernia or herniated disk may occur. Timely and correct respond in spine and spinal cord trauma is of priority for life quality.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Diagnosis and treatment with microsurgery methods of nerve injuries and nerve compression such as carpal tunnel syndrome are carried out by specialist and experienced team at neurosurgery clinic.   

Congenital Nervous System Anomalies

Surgical procedure for nervous system anomalies due to development disorders in womb is performed at our hospital successfully.

Herniated Disk and Cervical Disk Hernia

Operations of herniated disk and cervical disk hernia seen very frequently in the society are carried out by microsurgery methods.

Constriction-Waist and Neck Arthritis

Wide nerves called as spinal cord and stem pass through the spine. Nerve compression arising from constriction of spinal cord canal where spinal cord or stems pass for a number of reasons is called as “Constriction”. It is known as “arthritis” by people. Constriction in the waist may be structural or arise from arthritis of spine joints or due to dislocation of vertebra. Constriction in the neck may arise from spine joint arthritis or structural constriction in vertebra. Waist and neck arthritis can be treated by surgical methods.  

Epilepsy Surgery

There are two types of epilepsy surgery methods for eliminating epilepsy seizures. The first one is the “resertive surgery” that the epileptic focus is eliminated and the other one is the “functional surgery” to minimize frequency and severity of seizures by removing seizure invasion ways.