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Radiation And Protection

What’s radiation?

Radiation means radiance. All types of radiance are within the range of a spectrum. In this spectrum respectively;

 • Alpha, beta and gamma rays originating from the atomic nucleus are located in the farthest and harm for human health is indisputable. 
 • There are X rays originating from the electrons of atom in addition to alpha, beta and gamma rays and they are known to be harmful for human health.  
 • UV – ultra violated rays: They may lead to a number of damages mainly skin cancer.
 • Visible light region corresponds to light wave length perceived by the brain, human eyes and optical system where 7 colors of rainbow are located. No harm is known unless it is applied to the eye directly at very high intensity. Quite the contrary, we need the visible light to see surrounding. It can be said that visible light is within the class of “harmless radiance”.
 • IR-infrared rays: we see the wave lengths that enable us to warm here. For instance, grill, coal burning stove, heater core, electrical IR heaters. Radiation in this band is accepted as harmless. 
 • We see microwave and radio waves in other end of the spectrum called as “sub-IR region”. Cellular phone, radio stations and microwave heaters are the examples of electromagnetic radiation sources in this bad. However since this warming can penetrate into the depth parts of body not skin it is difficult to feel and also this excessive warming can be harmful for human health.

Briefly there are two types of radiation. Ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Radiation with the strength and structure of affecting chemical bonds in the structure of cell and breaking is called as “ionizing radiation”. Ionizing radiation is used for imaging, diagnosis and treatment in the medicine. At this point, it is significant that the physician should calculate profit-loss and establish the examination indication and plan the treatment. If the benefit for the patient by the relevant method is more than the possible damage of this examination, such as early diagnosis of a cardiac disease, phasing cancer, treatment of aneurism, of course the correct action is ignoring this damage. However, unnecessary examinations may lead to cumulative damages in time.

How Can We Protect Against Radiation?

The clearest answer is… by becoming conscious… 

Firstly, for the radiation used in medical field, health care staff will inform about the radiation and take necessary actions. The most significant point is to define hidden threat we aren’t aware of at our home, in our pocket, by our side.

Cellular phones being almost our 5. Limb we always have, computer screens, internet network providers, radio stations, microwave ovens even hairdryer, etc. constitute the actual hidden threats. In the nature without any exceptions, electromagnetic field in every area of electric current is located as parts of a whole like two different faces of a medallion. The thing being the actual life source and we call as “life” and providing energy flow in the cell being the building block of the human are the ion channels and electrical circuits functioning on these channels. In other words, it is beyond the question that the entire human body comprises of an electrical circuit and electromagnetic field and it itneracts with all electromagnetic fields around even invisibly, not felt continuously. 

3 principles are applicable for protection against radiation:

1- Time: 
Time must be absolutely limited. The shorter the time is, the less the exposure is. 

2- Distance:
 the farther you are from the radiation source the less the effect will be mathematically as the square of the distance. The farther you are, the less the exposure is.

3- Armouring: This option is not a way we can implement in our daily life and at home. Walls and radiation source are armoured with lead and it can be achieved only at medical centers. Also, even if alpha, beta, gamma and X rays can be stopped by lead armour, low density electromagnetic fields can go beyond the lead armour. 

Practical Recommendations For Our Daily Life Practical Recommendations

• Don’t carry the cell phone on you, use earphone. 
 • If you carry it on you, the side of keypad should face to outside and accordingly waves will emit not to your body but outside.
 • Talk shortly, change your ears frequently while talking, don’t take the phone to your ear till the opposite party answers.
 • Don’t talk on the phone when the signal level is low. 
 • Don’t talk on the phone while driving since it will emit more waves to catch the radio station.
 • The significant and easiest steps are not to keep the cell phone on while sleeping and at the bedside if we have to keep it on, there should be minimum 2 meters distance and again we should switch off the Wi-Fi connection while sleeping. 
 • Leave minimum 50 cm distance between you and computer screen.
 • There should be minimum 2 meters distance between you and TV.
 • Don’t keep very intense wiring in your life space and areas where you spend more time or place it at a far distance. 
 • Range of radio stations may expand to 300-400 meters and these centers damage not the region under them but the region at a certain distance. Therefore, you should consider the relation with radio station while you choose a home. 
 • Another significant issue is the high voltage lines. It has been proven that electromagnetic area created by the high voltage lines affects bone marrow and leads to leukemia and lymph cancer. High voltage lines close to your living space constitute risk. 
 • Plug the unused electrical home appliances out instead of keeping them in stand-by mode. 
 • Moreover, it is significant that cell phones to be selected have low SAR values. (SAR) SAR value in other words specific absorption rate is the measurement of radiation energy absorbed by the body while using a cell phone. 
 • Using pocket-safe preventing the emission of radiation and wave length of radiation emitted by the cell phone and within the range of resonance or damage may be the other option. 
 • Don’t forget that microwave ovens we use in our daily lives are time bombs. Neither use nor if you have, stand at least 1 meter distance. 
 • Hair-dryer is not a well-known but is a hidden threat seeming innocent. Don’t use it before sleeping if possible. 

Effects Of Tools We Use In Daily Life

The below table is prepared by the American academy of pediatrics and Canadian association of pediatrics and shows how to limit the daily contact by the age.

American academy of pediatrics and Canadian association of pediatrics express that infants between the ages of 0-2 should be kept away from the technology and technology utilization should be limited to maximum one hour for the children between the ages of 3-5 and two hours a day for the individuals between the age of 6-18. 

Size of brain becomes three folds in 0-2 years of age and this fast growth continues till the age of 21. Early brain development is determined by the environmental stimulus or deficiency of it. 

Talking on the cell phone and spending much time on Internet for the young children constitute great risk. Skull of the small children is thin and radiation affects their brains more. Moreover, their bodies match to the wave lengths of electromagnetic waves and absorb more radiation. The earlier they start to use, the more the total prolonged effect will be. 

Even if it is known that spending more time with technological units lead to developmental delay, widespread obesity, insomnia, pediatric depression, anxiety, attention deficit, autism, bipolar disorder and increase of problematic child behaviours, aggressiveness,  deficiency of attention and concentration, addiction and break of real-close human relations, isolation, let’s examine the details of radiation exposure. 

In May, 2011 World health organization classified cell phones in category 2B due to radiation emission. In other words, potential CARCINOGENIC!

What Is The Result Of Radiation Exposure?

• Break of DNA chain
 • Irreversible deterioration of ion channels in cell membranes and cell death as a rsult of it 
 • Deformation of red blood cells  
 • Immune system damage
 • Chronic fatigue 
 • Damage of blood brain barrier protecting our brain as a result of uncontrolled heat shock protein production
 • Cancer, brain tm, salivary gland tm, leukemia, lymphoma
 • Hearing impairment, tinnitus, warming in ear
 • Asthma and allergy 
 • Visual field disorders
 • Increased Alzheimer risk 
 • Hypertension
 • Nerve compression
 • Risk of pacemaker damage
 • Reproductive disorders, risk of abortion, damage of embryo development
 • Hyperactivity 
 • Don’t forget the person is the best doctor for himself and protecting himself is quite easier than trying to treat.