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Joint Prosthesis Surgery

Joint prosthesis surgery is the procedure of replacement of severe worn, calcified, rudiment, arthrosis joints with prosthesis. It is generally applied to knee, hip, shoulder and elbow joints. At the same time, revision prosthesis surgery more complex and requiring experience is carried out at our department.  

Both joint worn surfaces are coated with metal main part in joint prosthesis surgery. Inter parts are made of polyethylene for knee prosthesis, polyethylene, ceramic or metal for hip prosthesis. Patients generally start to walk 1-2 days after the operation. Walker, crutch or walking stick can be used while walking. The patient is discharged on ay 5 generally. Most patient can feel temporary pain during recovery of tissues due to weakness of muscles around joint and immobility. These pains end within 1-2 week or 1 month. The exercise is a significant part of recovery period. 

In old people, prosthesis surgery may not be necessary again. A new joint prosthesis may be necessary for young patients in the following years.