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Sports İnjuries

At Kent Hospital, department of orthopedics & traumatology, bone, joint, muscle and soft tissue injuries due to sports are treated. 

 • The most frequently seen sports injuries are as follows;
 • Shoulder dislocation
 • Labral and rotator cuff tears in shoulder
 • Hand and finger injuries
 • Wrist lesions
 • Meniscus and cartilage injuries of knee
 • Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injuries of knee
 • Ankle instability
 • Cartilage lesions of ankle 
 • Fracture and sprain 

It will be beneficial to have a general health screening before starting sports and regular health checks. It is significant to use equipment and sneakers fit for the sports branch. Factors to reduce the sports nutrition include sufficient warm-up exercises, appropriate nutrition. Warm-up and stretching exercises should be done for 15-20 minutes before starting sports. You should be informed about the sports branch and use proper clothes, shoes and materials.