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Hand And Finger İnjuries

Traumatic hand injuries 

Hand injuries generally occur as a result of work accidents, home and traffic accidents. The inury may be in form of laceration by a sharp object, burn, crushed and fragmentation. Trauma is observed in hand injuries.  

Tendon injuries 

Fingers move with pulling capacity of muscle extensions called “Tendon”. For this reason, tendon injuries may lead to loss of movement in fingers or wrist by the degree of laceration. Tendon injuries of hand must be repaired. It is a surgical procedure. After repair procedure, splint is used till tendon structure improves and physiotherapy exercises are done. 

Nerve injuries 

Motion and sense skill of hand and fingers depends on soundness of nerve structures. Nerve laceration due to injuries may result in loss of motion or sense skill. Microsurgical repair of nerve lacerations is very significant, functions of nerve don’t return after the repair immediately. Nerve can be structured in time. 

Vascular injuries

There are arteries and vena in hands and fingers. Post-hand injury artery laceration should be repaired by microsurgery methods. Injuries not repaired may result in tissue death and organ loss.