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Pre - Pregnancy

Preparation for this process for the couples deciding to have a baby is beneficial for the health of mother and baby. For this reason, when you decide to become pregnant, you should consult a physician. The physician will ask some tests and examine you to determine pregnancy, pre and post-delivery risk conditions. Smear test is conducted with the gynecological examination to determine cervical infection and cervical cancers. Moreover, anemia, infectious diseases scanning, hepatitis B, C, HIV and rubella tests will be beneficial for the expectant mother. The expectant mothers having hypertension, obesity, diabetes, goiter and anemia should be followed by the doctor during preparation period and pregnancy. 

On the other hand, expectant mothers using contraceptive pills should stop using them at least three months prior. Folic acid should be started three months prior. Expectant mothers consuming alcohol and smoking should stop smoking and alcohol prior to pregnancy. Expectant mothers should care regular nutrition and avoid take-home food. Necessary actions should be taken against the risk of toxoplasma and avoid radiation areas.