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Normal Delivery

Normal delivery starts automatically between the week of 38-42 of the pregnancy and it is the birth of baby by vaginal route with uterus contraction. In normal delivery, placenta and membranes are ejected from the uterus within maximum half an hour after the baby is born. Approximately 300 ml blood is lost in normal delivery. Time for delivery is shorter than 24 hours.

Benefits of normal delivery for the baby

The risk of respiratory distress in babies born with normal delivery is less.

It has positive effect on development of immunity system of the baby. 

Endorphine hormone secreted in the baby during normal delivery is determined in the cord blood of the baby.

It has been observed that the skill of sucking of babies born by normal delivery is better. 

Benefits of normal delivery for the mother 

Time of continuing the daily life and discharging of the mother is shorter in normal delivery. 

Since there is no laceration or damage in the uterus of the mother in normal delivery, it is possible to have next deliveries as normal. 

Post-natal infection and complications like bleeding is less in normal delivery. 

Pain complaint of the mother having normal delivery after the labor is less compared to cesarean.