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Cesarean Delivery

Cesarean is the operation of delivery by opening abdominal wall of the mother and uterus for the baby that can’t be borne by vaginal route. Laceration is applied to abdominal region on the inguen. Uterus is opened and amniotic fluid is discharged and baby is taken. 

Cesarean operation is performed under anesthesia. General anesthesia, spinal or epidural anesthesia may be preferred. Average time of hospitalization is 1-3 days. Recovery takes longer than normal delivery. 

In which cases is cesarean necessary?

• Normal delivery is not possible if the baby is in reverse direction in the birth canal with the arm, shoulder or face coming to the birth canal with head normally.  
 • If there is incompatibility between the head and birth canal and the head is too big not to pass through birth canal or birth canal is narrower than normal, cesarean will be preferred instead of normal delivery. 
 • If the mother has had operations like cesarean or tumor was excised from the uterus (myomectomy), since the risk of tear in uterus in the previous operation site is in question for normal delivery, cesarean will be preferred. 
 • Cesarean is preferred if placenta is located in the lower part of the uterus as it closes the birth canal. 
 • If placenta displaces before the birth, cesarean operation will be performed to save the life of baby immediately.
 • Cesarean operation will be performed if the baby has problem during delivery pains and heart beat deteriorates. 
 • Cesarean can be preferred in multiple pregnancy like twin or triplet. 

What’s the risk of cesarean? 

Even if cesarean delivery is performed under safe conditions today, some complications may be observed.

Risks due to anesthesia:
 drug reactions and breathing problems

Surgical risks:
 hemorrhage and infection

Risks specific to cesarean: 
Gall bladder or uterus infection, damages in baby and urinary canals

While determining way of delivery for the baby and mother, advantages and disadvantages of cesarean and normal delivery should be taken into consideration and recommendations and evaluation of the doctor should be considered. In any case to threaten life of mother and baby, cesarean delivery must be preferred. It is accepted in the world that normal delivery is the most healthy and natural delivery for the mother and baby health for this reason, cesarean is not recommended unless compulsory and rates of normal delivery should be increased in the countries.