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Pregnancy Diabetics

What’s pregnancy diabetics (PD)?)

It is defined as the glucose tolerance disorder in the woman not having diabetics before determined during pregnancy for the first time. Obesity in the women in the fertility age may play a role in it. 

How is pregnancy diabetics understood?

Pregnancy diabetics diagnosis is established in the event of presence of the followings in the challenge test with 75 g glucose randomly in weeks 24-28 of the pregnancy (AKŞ: ≥92 mg/dL, hour 1  KŞ: ≥ 180 mg/dL,  hour 2 KŞ ≥ 153 mg/dL).

What’s the risk factor for pregnancy diabetics?

Risks can be listed as the obesity, presence of pregnancy diabetics in the previous pregnancy, giving birth to a big baby (above 4 kg), giving birth to a baby with anomaly in previous pregnancy, unknown still birth, being above the age of 35, family history of diabetes and/or hypertension and preprandial blood glucose being above 105 mg/dl and postprandial blood glucose being above 120 mg/dl. In the event of such types of risk factors, glucose challenge test should be performed without waiting week 24-28.