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Exercises And Yoga In Pregnancy

Pregnancy gym, yoga and breathing exercises done from month 4 to the birth with the consent of the doctor are useful. 

Pregnant will have more comfortable pregnancy period. 

It makes the delivery easy by proper basic postures. While it strengthens the body, it makes the expectant mother ready for the delivery. 

Complaints such as nausea, lumbar pain, cramp reduce by means of yoga positions and breathing exercises. 

Capacity of lung increases by breathing exercises and therefore both expectant mother and the baby receives more oxygen and energy. 

Breathing compatible with the contraction and relaxing enable the pregnant to cooperate with the team during delivery and cope with pains and feel the pains less. Moreover,
quantity of blood supplied to the placenta increases and daily stress can be overcome.

Blood circulation increases and baby is fed better.

Meditation and breathing exercises help the expectant mother to establish a relation with the baby.