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Being A Baby - Friendly Hospital

Our most valuable wealth is our children. Since our foundation, thousands of mother joined their most valuable wealth at Kent Hospital their babies opened their eyes at Kent Hospital. It is the proper pride for us as being a baby-friendly hospital. 

“Program of promotion of breast milk and baby-friendly hospitals” was initiated in 1991 to make breast milk incented and providing information about breast-feeding to the mother and getting them adopt the true habits within the scope of works of ministry of health and to make the breastfeeding a successful and permanent practice at hospitals providing delivery services.     

Within this scope;

• Hospitals informing the expectant mothers about breast milk and breast feeding from the pregnancy, 
 • Making mothers breastfeed their babies after the delivery, 
 • Helping mothers about how to breastfeed the babies with health personnel having up-to-date knowledge receive the title of Baby-friendly Hospital and can use the logo. 
 • Kent Hospital as the Baby friendly hospital supports breastfeeding of infants and mothers during the breastfeeding process.