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Mother Class Program

What will be experienced by the mothers in pregnancy, delivery and when starting a new life with the baby? What is the exercise and breathing exercise for the easy deliver? How should the baby be cared? What is the health and safety measure to guide the expectant mother for pleasing and happy days with the baby? 

“Mother Class program” we as a baby-friendly hospital initiated to guide the expectant mothers during and post-delivery baby are is a detailed program you can find answers of your questions. 

“Mother Class Program” will be the guide of the expectant mothers. To participate the 4-week course and detailed information please call: 444 53 68  

Week 1

• Acquainting & purpose of the course & targets 
 • Labor 
 • Signs that show start of labor  
 • Management of labor pain 
 • Responsibilities of expectant mother-father for pain management
 • CD display of normal delivery and cesarean delivery 
 • Breathing and relaxing exercises 

Week 2

• Postpartum period
 • How will you take care of yourself during this period?
 • Nutrition in postpartum period
 • Conversation with a specialist
 • Breathing and relaxing exercises 

Week 3

• Techniques of breastfeeding 
 • Breast milk, properties of breast milk
 • CD display of breastfeeding and baby care
 • Breathing and relaxing exercises 

Week 4

Characteristics of newborn

Baby care

Frequent problems to be faced with the baby and solutions

CD display of baby massage

Practice: umbilical care, degassing, diaper changing

Breathing and relaxing exercises

Delivery service, newborn intensive care and delivery room tour