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Surgical Procedures In Mothers Womb

Surgical procedure may be applied to the baby in the mother’s womb in case of some complications while following development of baby closely. 

Amnio infusion- fluid supplement: In case of non-early membrane rupture (in case that there is no amniotic fluid leak from vagina),  in pregnancy with almost no amniotic fluid, amnion infusion-fluid supplement is implemented to help growing and development of the baby based on the decision made by the examination. 

Amnio exchange Fluid exchange: The fluid where the baby is replaced in certain periods to mitigate the intestine damage in the event of continuation of development of intestine of the babies out of womb after the first three months (Gastroschisis). 

Shunt practices: Flow of urinary bladder of the baby to amnion gap is ensured temporarily by vesicoamniotic shunt in cases that babies can’t urinate due to congestion in bladder neck. Thoracoamnitoic shut is applied in case of major cysts to lead to changes of development and placement of heart and lung tissue and developing due to diseases in lungs such as cystic adenomatoid malformation. 

Blood transfusion:  If the fetus has anemia, blood is transfused to the baby in the mother’s womb. 

Fetoscopy: If twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome occurs due to blood transition between babies in twin pregnancies, anastomosis (connections) on the organ surface called placenta feeding the baby is coagulated by laser and blood transition between the babies is treated.