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Bone Density In Implant Placement

Factors such as bone density, adjacencies, parallelism are the elements that affect the success of the treatment in placement of implant.  Dentists have limited prediction about the problems they will encounter before starting the operation. Based on this awareness, a detailed implant planning is made at our clinic by means of 3-D software to solve the possible problems to be encountered during the operation before the operative period as much as possible.

Then, pilots that exactly comply with this planning are produced. These pilots lead the way to the drills to be used during the operation and ensure the implants to be applied in an angle that is closest to the ideal. The implant is placed under the guidance of these pilots in a way that they remain within the safety limits of angle and depth control. 
We apply mucosa- supported in other words flapless surgery (without surgical wound) most of the time by means of these pilots created by 3-D planning method and we provide great comfort for our patients without bleeding and post-operative pain.