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Tooth Whitening

Teeth can discolor for a number of reasons. Tooth whitening is a simple and reliable method used for making the color of the teeth lighter. The tooth whiteness acquired as a result of the treatment varies from patient to patient and by to the tooth whitening agent used.

A whitening spoon specific to the patient is used. The whitening spoon is a transparent apparatus adapted on the teeth in home type tooth whitening.  The patient uses this apparatus that whitening gel is placed while sleeping at night or at shorter periods during the day specified by the dentist. You can see the results within 2 weeks on average.
The office type tooth whitening is applied during your visit to the dentist in about 30-minute session. Stronger whitening agents compared to the home type whitening are used. It is applied to the teeth while the patient is sitting in the dental chair. It is applied for average 2 sessions. In some cases, home type tooth whitening following the office type whitening gives a more efficient result.