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Tooth Brushing Methods For Oral Health

• The important tooth diseases like tooth decay and gingival diseases can be reduced by regular tooth brushing.  Removal of the plaque on the tooth is very significant for gingival health and reducing tooth decay.
 • Teeth should start to be brushed as soon as the first milk tooth sprouts in the mouth.
 • Teeth should be brushed twice a day- before going to bed at night and during the day at another convenient time.
 • Teeth of the children younger than three years old should be brushed with1000 ppm fluoride toothpaste.
 • For children younger than three years old, the paste should be only applied in a very thin layer and as much as that will cover the ¾ of the brush.
 • Children should not be permitted to eat or suck the toothpaste.
 • Children should brush their teeth under supervision or with the help of an adult until they reach at least seven years of age.
 • After tooth brushing, spitting instead of rinsing the mouth with water should be preferred.
 • Your present brushing technique may be changed by your dentist, all the surfaces of the teeth should be brushed in a systematic way.