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Newborn Care

Eye Care

Blurring may occur in the eyes of the baby in the first days. Warm water first boiled and then left for cooling and gauze and thin cheesecloth can be used in eye care. Eyes should be wiped out from inside out without any return. Other eye is wiped out with clean side of the cloth. If blurring does not heal, it should be consulted to the doctor.

Ear Care

Cotton swabs and sharp objects should not be used in ear cleaning. Warm water first boiled and then left for cooling and gauze and thin cheesecloth can be used for care. Rear side of ear auricle and ear should be wiped out as can be seen.

Nose Care

When nose is blocked or in very dry environment, this can be performed for moisturizing the nose. Physiological saline nose drops should be used. Head is titled backwardly and 1 nostril drip is applied for both nostrils. Mouth of the baby is closed and is guaranteed to breathe through its nose. The baby may sneeze after the application. Napkin can be used for nose cleaning.

Mouth Care

This is performed for cleaning the remains of milk in mouth and for preventing aphta formation. The baby should be hungry. Warm water first boiled and then left for cooling and gauze and thin cheesecloth can be used for care. Cloth is wrapped to the finger a tongue inside the mount, cheek and palate are wiped out with circular motion. If white spots inside the mouth are not healed, it should be consulted to the doctor.

Umbilical Care

Umbilical cord falls within 7-10 days. This is made once a day. After umbilical cord falls, care is continued for 2 days more. Sterile gauze with 70 % alcohol is used in umbilical cord care. Gauze is placed below the umbilical cord and alcohol is poured on the cord or dropped. Umbilical cord is dried and then is left outside of diaper for not being wet with urine. The circumference of umbilical cord is observed in terms of discharge, redness and odour.

Changing The Nappies

Nappies of the baby are checked before nutrition. Water boiled and cooled and cotton is used. If wet wipes are to be used, those with no alcohol should be preferred.

Changing the nappies in girl infant should be made from top to bottom. Cleaning of bottom parts of testicles in male infants should be cared of. Nappies of the baby should be not left wet after wiping and should be dried with towel. Powder should not be used. Rash cream can be used in case of redness. While changing the nappies, lower parts of the baby can be left open and ventilated.


Until and after umbilical cord of the babies falls, rubbing bath is recommended for two days period. The temperature of the bath water should be 36-37 C degrees. If cannot be measured, this can be checked with inner face of wrist or elbow. Ambient temperature should be 24-26 degrees and temperature should not be increased during bath. The baby should be hungry before bath. The baby's clothes should be prepared prior to the bath. The baby may get startled and cry since it is naked. The baby can be washed as often as desired. 

In the baby bath, baby shampoo should be used. Soap may irritate the skin of the baby. Ears of the baby should be blocked for keeping water off; its face should be downward while rinsing; curving parts of the baby should dried well and there should be no wet area. Powder should not be used on the skin of the baby. The powder causes diaper rash formation. For avoidance dryness of and for providing relief after bath, massage can be made with baby oil.