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Coughing In Children

Usually seen in the winter months, coughing is not a disease alone but it is one of the fundamental findings of many various discomforts. Coughing may occur with the reasons such as post-nasal and allergy it may also be symptom of major diseases such as upper respiratory tract and lung infections. 

Coughing occurs due to stimulation of receptions in bronchi and air ways. This is a reflection for removal of foreign objects or mucus on this area. For this reason, it has a protective function in terms of preventing penetration of materials such as mucus, phlegm into lungs. Coughing again allows removal of phlegm or inflammation in the chest.  In this regard, coughing can be considered as a disease finding. 

Cases Where Coughing Treatment Is Necessary 

Coughing is a natural defense mechanism of the body. Unless it is an excessive and compelling breathing, it is recommended not to intervene the coughing in children. Coughing syrups usually do not have any effectiveness in the treatment process. Antipyretics can be administered. It is important to have good nutrition and plenty of fluids. In older children, the method of condensation before going to bed can be relaxing application. If fever persists after one week, it may have caused flu, sinusitis, pneumonia or ear infections. For this reason, coughing in children should be closely followed. 

 • If coughing does not provide dry and phlegm removal, 
 • It it is in crisis form, 
 • It is accompanied by fever, 
 • If it lasts more than 3 days, 
 • If nigh cough prevents sleeping of the patient and family members,
 • Muscles surrounding the ribs are excessively stretched and give pain,
 • If cough causes the child to spit yellow or green colour phlegm,
 • If phlegm is in excessive amount and cannot be removed, 
 • If difficulty arises in breathing in and out, specialist doctor examination is required.