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Security Of Children And Home Accidents

Remember that the measures to be taken for protecting the children from potential accidents at home and outside will be life-saving. So what kind of measures can be taken to try to avoid accidents? 

 • The baby should under no circumstances left unattended and should be kept under surveillance especially in the bathroom. 
 • The bed must be suitable for the baby and its borders should be protective. Care should be given that the child bed is placed far away from window. 
 • Hot drinks, hot water kettles, etc. kitchen utensils and oven should be kept away from the baby; hot drinks should not be consumed near the baby. 
 • Temperature of hot water installation should be set at home and hot containers should be placed out of reach of children.
 • Inspection of heating system and chimneys should be performed and security obstacle should be placed in front of heaters.
 • All windows should have safety latch.
 • Plastic bags and balloons should be kept away from the baby. 
 • The baby should not be allowed to play with toys containing small parts and small objects. 
 • Remember that all foods with small and round line such as nuts, corn, sugar etc. bear choking risk for the baby and little children. 
 • No smoking at home. 
 • Reliable and experienced babysitter must be selected. 
 • A security gate should be placed to entrance and exit of the stairs.
 • Electrical cables should be extended as protected from height where the children may not reach. 
 • Drugs, detergents and other poisonous materials should be stored as locked in separate cupboards in their original containers in the places where the children may not reach. 
 • First aid must be learned.