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Sport In Children

Sport is useful both in terms of physical health and physical development and a good personality development and mental good health.  

Sport, of course, contributes to the physical development of the children in great extent. Mobility is inherent to the child. Foundation of movement system is comprised of muscles actively and bones passively. Sports help them to be stronger. In other words, physical activities are essential for normal muscle and bone development. In the meantime, sports activities increase flexibility of bone specific weight and ligaments and strengthen them against repression and tensions. When sports activities are regularly performed, they develop physical fitness and durability of the body and consequently functions of internal organs. In this way, it is possible to reduce the risk of getting caught to the diseases with emergence possibility in following ages such as heart and blood vessels, respiratory system problems and diabetes. Physical activities planned appropriately and consciously can bring functions of these systems to more efficient levels with sports. In this way, the body adapts to changing conditions more easily and it boosts resistance against fatigue. The maximum impact is improvement of skills, increasing efficiency with muscle movements and consequently enhancement in muscle power and durability.

Almost all sports are except for weightlifting affect increase in length positively. A sport is the one of the best methods for avoiding depression and reducing stress. Doing sports increases secretion of endorphins. (happiness hormones). A sport also strengthens immune system. Hence, the children doing sports get ill more rarely when compared with those not doing sport and their diseases becomes more mild inflammation. 

Doing sports is the most effective method in burning calorie. For this reason, development of obesity that is the problem of our era is almost impossible in the children doing sports.

Before joining a sports branch, the children should be checked by a doctor at all times and should be included to the activities.

Appropriate sport activities as to age groups

2-3 ages: Running, capturing,  jogging including hopping, walking, dancing

4-6 ages: Dancing, swimming, gymnastics, jumping rope, and three-wheeled bike ride

7-10 ages: Gymnastics, swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, cycling, tennis, swimming

After 10 years of age: While maintaining to do their sports that they have started in previous ages in more organized way, they can start athletics, wrestling and paddling. After a few years, they can start to do Tae kwon do karate requiring power.