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Puberty is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. This is a transition period from childhood to adulthood with fast growth, development and maturation process of physical, biochemical, psychological and social aspects. Puberty contains 12-18 age groups. It is generally accepted that puberty starts in 10-12 years of age in girls and 11-14 years of age in boys. 

In puberty, men become taller as 25-30 cm and girls as 20 cm. In this period, several changes are experienced as physiologically and psychologically rather than increase in length. Follow-up of development of the children in puberty age starting at 10 years of age in girls and 12 years of age in men is of utmost importance in this regard. During this period, the most common physiological problems are early puberty, hormonal problems, problems in sexual development, short stature, excessive hair growth and breast growth in men, curvature of the spine, back pain, muscle and bone pain, goiter and anemia. In addition to this, close follow-up of psychological changes is of extremely high significance.