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Diagnosis Of Pediatric Cardiac Diseases

Following a careful general cardiac examination for the diagnosis of pediatric cardiac diseases;

 • Symptoms of examination are cross-checked with examinations such as EKG, telecardiography (taking chest film of the patient as standing, at 2 m distance to x-ray tube), echocardiography.

 • If a patient has infection, is pale, hemogram and biochemical analyses are carried out or more detailed blood analysis is carried out. Especially, catheter- angiocardiography, MR (magnetic resonance) examinations are performed for congenital cardiac diseases.

 • 24-hour HOLTER EKG is applied for dysrhythmia and HOLTER- blood measurements are performed for hypertension.

 • Cardiac diseases of children should be examined at a general hospital by pediatric cardiologist, pediatric cardiac surgery team and proper technical opportunities and treated.