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Physical Therapy Methods

Frequently used treatment methods are exercise, heat (thermotherapy), cold treatment, massage and electric current and hydrotherapy within the scope of physical therapy.   


It is the most frequently used treatment in physical therapy. Level of action in the joint is increased or muscles strain and relax. If muscles need to gain strength, patients will need to activate their muscles by active exercises. Exercise therapy is used in cases limiting joint movement, palsy and breathing disorders. Exercises are performed under the control of physical therapy specialist with exercise units. Patients informed and trained accordingly can do the exercises recommended by the physician regularly and alone. 

Heat (Thermotherapy) 

Heat is used owing to its effect reducing the pain and regulating the circulation in the area treated. It increases blood flow, nerve conduction rate, extension ability of tendon and collagen. It reduces stiffness and pain of joints. Short-wave radiation, diathermy currents, infrared lamps, ultrasound waves, hot damp compresses, hot water, melted paraffin wax are applied via heat. 

Cold Therapy 

Cold therapy is administered to reduce edema, pain and muscle tone and improve muscle spasm. 


Massage is applied to regulate the circulation, reduce pain or muscle spasm. Massages are performed by hands mostly and mechanical units or whirlpool water sometimes. 


Low intensity laser without heating effect is used to accelerate circulation, increase collagen synthesis and accelerate the healing of tissue in physical therapy. 

Ultrason (Ultrasound) 

It is used to reduce edema in edematous tissues and ensure heat in deep tissues such as muscle, tendon and bone and accelerate improvement. Moreover, ultrasound has the effect of micro massage to create the action of fluid in the tissues. 


It is a method used for edema treatment and exercise in hydrotherapy environment fit for the exercise.  

Electric Current

Contraction can be achieved by low currents applied to the muscles. It is used to weak muscles accustom and determine whether nerves are sound or not. 

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy

It is used for regulating blood circulation, treatment of edema and lymphedema. 


It is used to stretch soft tissue by tractive force and disconnect bone structures and joint surfaces. It is used in treatment of spine disorders and hernia treatment.

However, if there is osteoporosis, herniated disk due to arthritis, spinal fracture, spinal cord compression, infection or tumor, it is not used.