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Non-Operative Varicosis Treatment

The reason of varicosis in legs is the vena failure. Venous blood in the leg is pumped upwards as the leg muscles contract while the person is moving and transferred to the lung following the heart and becomes arterial blood. Venous blood in the leg does not go back with the gravity by means of valves of vena. Valves of vena do not sometimes function efficiently, are damaged or cannot bear the load. In this case, venous blood required to be transferred to lung goes back by gravity and accumulates in the veins of leg and varicosis occurs.

Intravenous varicosis treatment being an interventional radiological method, all contemporary treatment methods such as laser known as endovenous venous failure treatment, RF and MOCA are used efficiently to eliminate varicosis of legs and complaints and are becoming widespread. The basic approach of these treatments is to eliminate the varicosis without general anesthesia and surgery with the interventional radiological imaging.

Venous insufficiency treatment with endovenous methods has many advantages compared to classical surgical varicosis operation, the patient comes for the operation on foot and goes home on foot after the operation and he doesn’t need to be hospitalized. Endovenous procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and the patient does not feel pain other than a fine needle. Since the procedure is performed by seeing with Doppler ultrasound, the patient safety and success of procedure is high and there is no scar.

Varis Tedavisinde Diğer Seçenekler (Other options of varicosis treatment)

 • Surgical procedures
 • Laser varicosis treatment (EVLA)
 • Radiofrequency ablation treatment (RF)
 • Mechanicochemical ablation (MOCA)
 • Treatment with special foam application units