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Applied since ancient times, circumcision should be performed for religious and medical reasons. Medical causes can be listed as narrow area of circumcision skin preventing urine flow or urinary tract inflammation. In our country, it is witnessed that circumcision is mostly performed in non-sanitary environments by the persons not having sufficient health training. Applied for centuries and considered as a simple operation, circumcision may render serious damages over a male child psychology and body health. To avoid them;

Ideal age for circumcision is in the first week after birth (neonatal circumcision) or around 7 years of age. Circumcision especially performed between 2-5 years of age is not recommended by us since it may cause psychological trauma in the child. However, if circumcision is to be applied for a health problem, this is an obligation and age does not matter.

Families primarily must accept circumcision as a surgical procedure. Like any surgical procedure, circumcision should be performed by a specialist physician and in healthcare organizations ensuring operating room conditions. Circumcision performed by non-competent and unauthorized persons may cause irreparable damages. 

Ideal circumcision should be performed under anesthesia. Even if the child does not feel any pain under a local anesthesia, the child may be exposed to severe psychological trauma due to fear and nervousness. Although many adults do not remember the pain during circumcision procedure, experienced fear and nervousness clearly remain in their memories. Mass circumcisions performed within the body of Kent Hospital are even carried out under anesthesia. What is applied for circumcision is superficial anesthesia and is a quite safe anesthesia form. With the help of a drug administered to the child before anesthesia, the child is relaxed and removed from circumcision stress. The child will not remember this stressful period before and after circumcision thanks to short-term memory loss caused by these drugs.

A concept of "Circumcision by laser" never exists. Circumcision reflected in this way is to remove circumcision foreskin by soldering with burning with electric soldering iron and this technical may yield adverse outcomes. The goal here is to allure parents by using charm of "laser" wording. Therefore, circumcision is not recommended for use in laser. 

Examination of the child should be performed prior to circumcision and tests especially regarding bleeding disorders should be conducted. In case of overcoming such a disease, very severe and unfavourable consequences may be seen. Diagnosis of many haemophilia patients can be placed following unstoppable bleedings following circumcision.       

The major role for the parents in the issue of circumcision is to strive for ideally performing circumcision of their children. In this way, the children decided on their behalf in this regard will be protected against undesired and dangerous complications.