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Prostate Growth And Greenlight Method

What is prostate?

A part of male reproductive system, prostate is an organ in approximately 20 gr weight located at a place where bladder and urinary duct are combined. It is an endocrine gland contributing generating semen with fluids secreted by prostate surrounding externally urinary canal at the exit of bladder.

What is prostate enlargement?

Prostate gland starts to enlarge depending on hormonal changes caused by growing age in men with over 40 years of age. This enlargement is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) different from generally prostate cancer. While this disease and symptoms are identified in half of men over 50 years of age, complaints are present in 80 % of men over 70 years of age. When prostate enlargement increases, its pressure into urinary canal penetrating through will increase as well and complaints will arise in relation to urination of patient depending on difficulty of urinary flow.

What are the effects of prostate enlargement on life of a patient?

When a prostate enlargement starts to show up its effects in men, this means that life quality of that patient starts to be affected in adverse way. When prostate grows, pressure on urinary canal will increase and urinary flow will decrease. After this case affects bladder, bladder over twitching and failing to store urine as sufficient terms will incorporate itself into this portrait. As a result of this, patient will frequently pass his/her significant time of day in small amounts depending on urination. Such patients avoid travelling and reducing their friend visits as far as possible. Especially going to restroom at nights will cause insomnia problems in patient and his spouse. If urinary incontinence problem is added to the problem, the patient may feel forced to restrict socializing in public. Together with these complaints, sexual life of many patients will be affected adversely. As a consequence, prostate enlargement will adversely affect life quality of both the patient and his spouse. 

What are the symptoms of prostate enlargement?

 • Frequent urination
 • Waking up for urination at nights
 • Intermittent and weak urinary stream
 • Difficulty and straining during urination
 • Feeling the need of urination all of a sudden
 • Burning or pain during urination
 • Divaricating and dispersing of urine
 • Inability to fully relax after urination
 • Urinary incontinence or dripping
 • Difficulty in holding urine

What are methods of treatment?

 • Drug therapy
 • Closed prostate surgery (TUR)
 • Opened prostate surgery
 • GreenLight Laser Method (evaporation of prostate with laser energy)

What is GreenLight laser method? 

GreenLight laser method is known as easy prostate surgery with evaporation of prostate. This is accepted as the least risky method among prostate surgeries.

GreenLight is a laser treatment and prostate tissues are evaporated and eliminated with immediate effect by using high power laser. The majority of patients return home on the same day or the next day and being their daily non-tiring activities within a few days.

What are the advantages of GreenLight operation?

GreenLight laser method certified by FDA Organization (Food and Drug Administration) auditing use of medical devices in the USA and whose effect and reliability are proven with long term studies of Mayo Clinic is widely implemented in several countries of the world today. Advantages of this method;

Safe. GreenLight laser method is the safest method in prostate surgeries. The procedure is only limited with the area required to be eliminated by being evaporated. For this reason, no side effects are seen in other prostate surgeries.

 • It is a bloodless surgery. It is a surgery that can be called as there is no blood. It may be applied with ease even in patients receiving bleeding-enhancing drugs due to cardio-vascular disease.
 • Hospitalization stay time is very short. Hospitalization stay time of patients for this operation is generally not more than one day. It allows discharge of patient within the same day.
 • Stay time with catheter is very short. Catheter of patient is removed within 8-12 hours following surgery. It enables patient to stand up and return to daily life following surgery.
 • Risks and complications are very rare. Undesirable effects such as bleeding, loss of manhood, failure of semen ejaculation, urinary incontinence is minimal.
 • The results obtained in the treatment of prostate GreenLight are permanent. It is safe and effective.

To whom Greenlight laser method is intended for?

Without age restrictions;

 • Each patient having prostate leading urine blockage
 • All benign prostatic hyperplasia (Prostate enlargement) requiring surgical treatment
 • Patients with narrowing and height in bladder neck.
 • Patients with unsuccessful medication or other treatments
 • Patients with advanced prostate cancer with urination difficulty.
 • This method can be applied for the foregoing.