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Andrology (Sexual Dysfunctions)

Andrology has become a branch of science examining changes occurred depending on ageing of men as well as all disorders affecting male reproductive system, male or female sexual health. Diagnosis and treatment of disorders falling within the scope of andrology in Kent Hospital are evaluated within the scope of a separate discipline within the body of Urology Clinic and the most modern and technology are used in the treatment. 

It is studies with a multidisciplinary approach in coordination with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in diagnosis and treatment process with infertility. All infertility-related treatments are executed with team work and modern surgical methods such as microsurgical varicocelectomy and micro-tese (testicular sperm with microsurgical method) are used.

Diagnosis and treatment diseases in the field of Andrology 

 • Infertility
 • Varicoaele
 • Microsurgery Varicocelectomy
 • Sexually transmitted diseases
 • Penis and foreskin diseases haemospermia
 • Premature ejaculation (early / fast / rapid ejaculation)
 • Orgasm, ejaculation disorders (excluding premature ejaculation)
 • Sexual dysfunction
 • Vasectomy
 • Gender Uncertainty (Intersex)
 • Penile Prosthesis Implantation
 • Testicular Diseases
 • Hydrocele 
• Spermatocele
 • Testis and epididymis infection

Gender Uncertainty (Intersex)

Uncertainty in external genitalia of new-born infant, namely, failure to discriminate male-female genders or bearing symptoms belonging to opposite sex is called "intersex".

Cause of such type of disorders can be listed as chromosome disorders, deficiency or abundance of some hormones and exposure to use of unfavourable medications during pregnancy.  Such patients should be evaluated as soon as possible by a team consisting of neonatal specialist, endocrinologist pediatric urologist, pediatric psychiatrist and geneticist. As a result of this evaluation, to which gender the child is closer should be identified and it should be decided with which gender the child is to be maintained. Following this decision, a number of treatment and surgeries correcting gender of the infant or child should be applied. Such treatments should be completed prior to formation of gender identity of the child. Otherwise, the child will be subject to inevitable side effects.